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The garage door is usually the largest moving part in the home.A garage door opener is a gadget or device that uses a motor to open and close garage doors. When the garage door opener abruptly stops working properly, it can be a great inconvenience. It also has major security implications since a lot of home robberies occur through the garage or in the garage itself. It is therefore imperative for homeowners to monitor and ensure that it is working properly. Here are common issues with garage door openers and suggested solutions.

The Garage Door Goes All the Way Down, Then Opens Again
When this happens, the most likely cause is the open and close limit settings of the garage door opener. This range signals the garage door opener the extent the door moves before full closure. If the settings are too high, the door will reach the ground before the opener senses it should, and it will assume that the door is colliding with something on its path. The opener automatically reverses to prevent the door crushing it. The home owner needs to check the door opener manual to in order to learn how to properly set these limits. If the settings are correct, the problem may be damaged tracks which may be interfering with door’s travel.
The Garage Door Reverses on its Own
When the garage door travels slightly before reversing, this indicates that there may be an object blocking the beam that traverses the two safety sensors located at the bottom of the door rails, or they are not properly aligned.
The Garage Door Opener Runs but the Door Does Not Move
All garage doors are designed with a disconnect switch for those instances when power fails and the user has to open and close the garage door manually. The switch is normally attached to a knob or rope that can be unhooked accidentally. To resolve this problem the home owner needs to open or close the door completely and then reattach the hook securely. Then he or she can try using the transmitter to close or open the door again.
The Garage Door Opener Runs for Several Seconds Before Turning Off but the Door Does Not Move
This usually happens when the garage door is closed and the motor tries to lift the door but it does not move. If the springs are functioning properly and there are no obstacles on the garage door track, the owner should check if there is a built-in lock that is already directly engaged. Accidental engagement of the built-in lock is a very common problem particularly for older garage doors.
The Garage Door Goes Up, But It Only Goes Down When One Holds Down The Wall Switch
Sometimes the door may go up normally but only comes down when the wall switch is held down. The homeowner needs to check if the door opener safety sensors are properly aligned. The sensor should light up when there is no obstacle between them. If the sensors have no light showing, they may need replacement. In addition, direct sunlight can interfere with the workings of the sensors.
The Garage Door Opener Fails To Respond
Sometimes the motor unit is powered on but the door opener does not respond to both the wall and remote control. In such cases, the problem may be in the logic control board. The owner can try to unplug the door opener and examine whether the panel wiring connections appear normal, then wait for a couple of minutes before plugging the door opener in again. Doing this resets the logic board particularly if there was some electrical disturbance earlier.

The home owner may also need to ensure that the door is not locked. If it is not, the owner can try to pull the emergency cord to see if it opens smoothly. The home owner can then check if clicking the remote when standing close to the motor unit opens the door. If it opens there could be some interference from a nearby appliance which could be causing interference. Alternatively, the problem may be with the logic board.

The Garage Door Opener Works Intermittently
If the door opener works intermittently, there may be interference from other devices, for example photoelectric sensors used for security lights. This blocks the door opener from responding to the remote signal. The source of interference needs to be removed.
The Garage Door Opener Opens And Closes By Itself (randomly)
The garage door may open or shut when the owner has not triggered the remote. This may be caused by a situation where both the homeowner and the neighbor have reprogrammed the remote at the same time. The owner needs to reprogram again. In addition, the remote (or transmitter) may be stuck under an item that depresses the control system.
The Garage Door Opener Does Not Open Or Close Fully
In such cases one needs to examine if the alignment has been done properly. If it is okay, travel limits may be the culprit, and may need resetting. If this fails the logic board may need replacement.
The Door Opener Makes A Grinding Sound But The Door Remains Stationary
When the garage door opener makes some grinding noises and yet the garage door does not move, the main drive gear may be faulty. In addition, straining noises by the opener may be due to the activation of safety reversing or setting the close limit wrongly.
The Wall Unit (switch) Has Problems But The Remote Works Properly
The homeowner may have problems with the wall unit but the remote works well. This may occur if the device is using a wall outlet that is connected to the electrical wiring of the home which may be faulty.
The Wall Switch Works But The Remote Has Problems
Here the problem may be the remote batteries. If they still do not work after changing them the homeowner can try moving closer in case he or she is out of range. The antenna on the motor needs to hang downwards in order to get the signal from the door opener. If all these fail, the homeowner can try to re-program the remote or buy a new one.
The Motor Does Not Stop Running
If the motor continues running even after the door is open, this may require the homeowner to adjust the limit switch.

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In conclusion, if the homeowner finds that the problem with the garage door opener persists or there are safety concerns, he or she may need to hire the services of a professional garage door repair company.

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