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It is every home owner’s desire to have smooth garage operations that give them less struggles. Apart from parking cars, most garages have become more of storage spaces where people can keep their outdoor items safe, store their tools or even convert a portion of it into a working space. These among other major reasons have made garages to become places where most homeowners have taken a special interest in ensuring the smooth running of each and every part of the garages.

Most of them deeply rely on parts like their garage doors to open smoothly without getting stuck and close back with ease every time they use their garages. Whereas a few number of people have not been faced with garage doors issues, a sizable amount of people have been faced the problem brought about by various faults including broken springs. In this article we will highlight some of the common issues with garage door springs.

Common Issues with Garage Door Springs:

Garage Door Not Operating At All
One of the common issues with garage door springs is the fact that at times they get stuck, therefore making it hard for the garage door to open or close. This can happen due to faulty or worn out springs, therefore before doing anything else it is advisable to check on the springs and replace them through the help of a professional. In case the problem is not with your remote, you can go through a trouble shooting session by first checking if the opener is receptive and the motor is running.
loudAmong the common issues with garage door springs, noises made by the doors while opening or closing has proved to be one of the problems with garage door springs. When your garage door starts making grinding sound, it is most likely that it requires an emergency garage door maintenance work. The maintenance involves tightening any loose nuts or bolts and greasing the chain drive. Noises from garage doors can sometimes be caused by small objects stuck on its rails or even a part that has gone off balance therefore ensure you check on these as well.
Door Opening And Closing Randomly
This is one of the most disturbing issues with garage door springs because besides from being irritating, it poses major risks to most home owners because when the garage door starts to open or close randomly while you are not at home, it clearly puts you at risk of being robbed off your valuables. When your garage door starts doing this, the first place to check would be the transmitters to confirm that they are not stuck under anything that can compromise the control mechanism.
Garage Door Closing Very Quickly And With A Bang
In addressing the common issues with garage door springs, noting this kind of fault will not only help keep your car safe but also your life, therefore this is one issue that needs to be sorted as soon as it arises to avoid accidents.

There are two probable causes of this fault, the first one could be a broken tension spring that usually works by countering the door’s weight and the second issue could possibly be broken wires that connect the tension spring on the door. In this case, you will have to seek the help of garage door professionals to sort the issues as the fault can prove fatal.

Frayed Cables
broken cables When you realize that your garage door has frayed cables, springs or any other part, do not attempt to remove, repair or even adjust the cables or the strings. Beware of high spring tension as it can cause serious injuries or even death. Always hire an expert to this one of the common issues with garage door springs.
Door Not Closing All The Way Down
This common issue with garage doors is caused by small objects blocking the path of the photo eye sensors of the garage door opener or they could just be misaligned. The photo eye sensors are easily misaligned by various unlikely things in your garage like Bikes, feet and trash cans. You can avoid this by using sensor guard to protect the photo eye sensor from wearing down or becoming misaligned to ensure your garage door closes all the way down.
Residue On The Garage Door’s Exterior
The residues, black in color are usually caused by the oil coating that is applied on the springs and other moving parts of the garage door. To ensure a clean door on the exterior or at times interior, caring for it with a nice once in a while wash will remove all the residues and give your garage door a clean look. This is one of the ways to counter the common issues with garage door springs.
Garage Door Not Going Up
Springs play a major role in lifting and dropping the garage door therefore when your garage door desists from going up, the issue is not with the door itself but the springs. Most garage doors come with two torsion springs and when one is broken the garage door opener may struggle to lift the weight of the door or even fail to lift all together. When this happens, ensure to contract a specialist to sort out the issue as handling it yourself is dangerous.
Misalignment Of The Track
Tracks are part of garage doors and can be worn out, bent or otherwise misaligned over time. When the tracks become misaligned, opening and closing of the garage doors becomes an hectic job and impossible in most cases. A few people can correct this issue on their own although doing so may raise the risk of injuries therefore it is advisable to get someone with experience to repair the garage door.

When a garage door becomes faulty, it can inconvenience homeowners because the issues come unexpectedly and at the most inopportune time. Such inconveniences have given many home owners headaches about pending repair bills. However, some of the common issues with garage door springs could be minor therefore they can be handled by the homeowners.

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